Karen Keyrouz’ practice is a “ va-et-vient ” between drawing and comics.

She launched her first graphic Novel “Flux et Reflux” (2018) with ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts), where she earned her master’s degree (2015). She also published several short comics like “The 8th sleeper” (Samandal-Experimentation, 2018)  “Urine”(Lyon BD-France, 2018), “Are you still reading the news” and “Have a Seat”(Zeez collective, 2017).

Karen exhibited her work in many international festivals like: Angoulême International Comics Festival, BD Lyon, BD Amiens and Cairo Comix.
She co-founded Zeez collective and is an active member of the acclaimed Samandal Comics, where she edits, writes and draws comics.
In 2017 along with some friends they organized the drawing concert in Beirut, during this happening she developed a specific language in visual improvisation based on the “Pareidolia”.
In 2022 she won the Mahmoud Kahil Award for Graphic Illustrations.

In 2024, she published her second book, “Some Dances To Combat the Headache,” with Beit Waraq in Beirut.

email: karenkeyrouz (at) gmail.com